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      Yellow Hat Video has filmed it all from 3rd grade wrestling matches to Professional Live Broadcast Lacrosse.  From the smallest of Mighty Mite, Weeble Wobble, Helmets and Cleats football players to following Arizona State Sun Devils lacrosse in the MCLA National Championship run in 2014. 

      We film practices, scrimmages, summer tournaments, any and all sporting events, using everything we have to get the very best angle for the coaches, the kids and the parents.

       When I first started filming sports I used a six-foot ladder and then a ten-foot ladder.  The bad part of that, people would climb on the ladder with me perched on the top so they could see better and didn't care if I yelled at them.  When one of those parents finally knocked me off my ten-foot ladder, I got my first 25ft tripod.  But I still see parents shooting their players sitting on top of those ladders.  With other people climbing on the steps below.  So we are here to keep you off the ladders!

       This is why Yellow Hat Video does what we do.  We get the shots you want and need, while the parents get to cheer and yell and the coaches get the game film that is complete and focused on the field of play the whole time.  Even though we still enjoy watching sports, we care more about getting you the shots and keeping your ladder at home.  As a Coach or involved parent, I'm sure you have either seen people or been on a ladder filming yourselves.  But you just can't seem to do a great job of cheering for your child and filming at the same time, and Coaches can't do both filming and coaching at the same time.

         SO, you need us!  We love filming and watching sports but we don't have anyone we have to cheer for, so we can stay focused on just your game, each play, each score, and each stop, we get it right.  Coaches, you get tired of it and so do the parents when they miss the rest of the play, Yellow Hat Video is your FIX for this problem, now you can cheer for your child and coaches can count on being able to watch the entire game later.

Keeping you off the Ladder!

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