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Yellow Hat Video Delivery Times & Methods

Yellow Hat Video
Yellow Hat Video Sports Videos

Delivery Times & Methods

The next day, First in First out 


Delivery is always as soon as possible. -  We have upgraded to the fastest internet speed available in Orange County.  We can upload your game to your HUDL account.  But because of the number of game this can take longer than if you upload it after downloading the game yourself.  DropBox is less than $12 per month for a 1Tarabyte storage. 

Delivery Methods & Viewing:  Game Clips

DropBox:  With our shooters uploading to DropBox we can get your raw clips to you faster than ever. With the ever growing need for scout film by getting film via DropBox, your upload won't be sitting in the que to be the next one loaded. 

HUDL:  Uploading to Hudl can be the quickest, simplest and fastest method of getting your film.  Reviewing your last game for you as a coach to go over your scout video for next week.  You need an account for us to upload to.